Saint Asaph, Wales
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After doing my research I found what I expected to be a ‘’car supermarket’’, online I had seen a few cars I was interested in so I decided to travel down there. When I arrived I noticed how little cars they had available keyword being ‘’supermarket’’ I was expecting a wide variety of cars, how mislead was I by their website!!

When I was viewing some of the cars they had in stock the salesman had told me on more than one occasion the car had been sold! No sold sign on the car it was still being advertised??? Another misleading situation. Also the salesman kept having to refer to other colleagues when I and my partner was asking questions about the vehicle.

To top the whole situation off every car I had viewed had more than just minor damage to them, when asking if this could be corrected if I purchased the vehicle I was told bluntly NO.

I understand these are used vehicles and they will come with some wear and tear. I had even offered to pay the company to correct this for me and I was told someone would get back to me surprise surprise, no one has!!

Review about: Imperial Car Supermarkets Website.

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Imperial Car Supermarkets Response

As we haven’t received any further communication in relation to your review and our subsequent response we now assume this issue has been dealt with to your satisfaction and we are now closing this customer concern. Should this not be the case please email

Southampton, England, United Kingdom #801126
Imperial Car Supermarkets Verified Representative


We take your comments very seriously and in light of these would like the opportunity to discuss in more detail. We would like the opportunity to address the situation and also prevent any non compliance occurring in the future. We could either do this at an Imperial location of your choice or would be happy to meet you at your convenience at a location suitable to both parties.

If you could please forward your contact details to we will be in touch right away.

Kind Regards


Imperial Marketing Team

to ImperialCarSupermarkets46 #801516

Why does it always take a review online before companies jump into action and offer to help?

In the time it has taken your company to address my issue I have purchased a car from elsewhere. I will email over my details though as an apology for the shocking service would be nice.

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