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I got several quotes for the car I wanted to part exchange/sell (depending on what was more)

After I thought about it, I thought I might as well just part exchange the car to save the fuss of selling it privately. So I drove my car down to their Fleet location and enquired about what they would give me for my car.

My car was BMW 3 series with full service history, decent mileage and in (almost) prefect condition.

They offered me next to nothing for it. Literally, next to nothing- I'm guessing this was so I would have to spend more money- I'm guessing I'm just going to have to go through the stress of selling it privately to ensure I get what's rightfully owed to me!

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I had a very similar experience. I got independent valuations for a car I wished to trade and also used ICs own website valuation.

All valuations including ICs put the PX at £8k+. The car was low mileage in great condition. However, I was messed about by IC who tried every trick in the book not to give me an upfront PX value.

They eventually admitted they would only offer just over £7k. A frustrating experience and a completely wasted journey.

Won't be going there again!

Imperial Car Supermarkets Response

As we haven’t received any further communication in relation to your review and our subsequent response we now assume this issue has been dealt with to your satisfaction and we are now closing this customer concern. Should this not be the case please email customerconcerns@imperialcars.co.uk

London, England, United Kingdom #833886

Good Morning,

We are concerned to hear that you were unhappy with our part exchange evaluation. As this is an unverified review forum and you have posted as anonymous please may you email your contact details to customercare@imperialcars.co.uk with reference to this review as we would be interested to learn where you obtained your valuation for the car and see if there is anything we can do.

Kind Regards


Imperial Marketing Team

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